Useful guides to Safety and Security

Safety Spotlight – Safe Cycling

Bike Riding can be fun for the whole family but it needs to be enjoyed safely. So what are some helpful tips or road rules we need to be aware of?

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To Stay Alive in the Water

Learn to swim and survive
Always supervise children near water
Never swim alone
Only swim between the red and yellow flags at the beach
Fence swimming pools
Beware of fast-flowing water

Download the ‘To Stay Alive in the Water’ brochure.

Out & About in Your Community

The New Rouse Hill will continue to grow into a strong and vibrant community for many years to come. However, along the way, we must all remain aware and proactive about keeping our homes, roads and community safe. If you would like to report any safety concerns or suggest any safety improvements regarding construction at The New Rouse Hill please let us know by calling 9851 2000.

Download the ‘Out & About in Your Community’ brochure.

Planning a Safer Home

Did you know that 45% of all injuries occur in and around the home? You can easily help make your new home a safer environment for your family.

Download the ‘Planning a Safer Home’ brochure.

Fire Safety Checklist

Are you fire safe in your home? Download the ‘Home Fire Safety Checklist’ provided by the NSW Fire Brigades.

For more information, go to the NSW Rural Fire Service Website.

A Road to Child Safety

Information on road child safety provided by the Motor Accident Authority and the ‘Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia, New South Wales’. For more information visit the Kid Safe NSW website at www.kidsafensw.org.

Download ‘A Road to Child Safety’ brochure.

Water Safety in Your Community

Supervision means that a child is ALWAYS being watched by an adult within arm’s reach. Teaching children to swim can also prevent drownings, however swimming lessons and floaties are no substitute for adult supervision.

For more information and to download the ‘Water Safety in Your Community’ brochure.

Click here for Swimming Pool Safety Standards from The Hills Shire Council

Kids & Poisons

Click here to access the Children’s Hospital at Westmead Website for information about children and poisons.